Bolinho de Estudante
(Tapioca and coconut balls from Bahia)

We got this recipe from a hotel chef in Salvador. These are the bolinhos de estudante that the baianas sell on the streets, along with acarajés, cocadas, and all manners of Bahian delights. If you can find the right kind of granulated tapioca in the U.S. or someone can bring it to you from Brazil...well, there's no reason why you can't make these at home...Good luck!

700 gr of tapioca granulada (these are not the same round granules used for tapioca pudding)

400 gr of freshly grated coconut

500 ml of coconut milk (this comes in bottles or little cartons from Brazil)

100 gr of ground cinnamon

600 gr of sugar

50 gr of salt

How to make them:

Separate 200 gr tapioca, the cinnamon, and 200 gr sugar. Mix it all well and leave aside in a plate for the last step.

Mix tapioca, coconut milk, sugar, salt, and grated coconut well with your fingers. Form the bolinhos with your hands and fry them in oil.

After you fry them, roll them into the mixture of tapioca, cinnamon and sugar.

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