Bossa Nova

This is a very short list of old classics and a few recent compilations. Joyce has some wonderful bossa nova recordings; Rosa Passos is the quintessential bossa nova interpreter these days. A few other singers also include bossa nova songs in their repertoire, Carol Saboya is a fine example. If you like your bossa nova laced with electronic music, Bossacucanova and/or Celso Fonseca are definitely for you. Really talented guys. Their CDs are available you know where on the Web...All CDs donated to our site automatically become part of the Sheila Thomson Collection of Brazilian Culture at Florida International University in Miami. That's the main reason why we keep these pages on the site, since we don't update them as often as we used to.

A note on the labels mentioned here: they are probably all gone at this point and we're not sure if the CDs are still in print under a different one.

It sounds so familiar and yet so foreign (unless you speak Korean, that is)'s around the world with a guitar and a song and that unmistakable soft beat. Thanks to Putumayo for this delicate, fun hybrid, with little touches of northeastern sounds and styles here and there. (I'm a huge fan of their Salsa Around the World, too...) I love the Cape Verdean song. Now, the German song...well, as Caetano once said, German is the perfect language for philosophy...I grew up speaking German and went to school in Germany, I should know!

This is a compilation of instrumental versions of bossa nova's greatest also includes two classic tunes by the great Moacir Santos...from Universal Music Latino.

"The Girls from Ipanema" volumes 1 and 2...also from our friends at Universal Music Latino.

Grammy Winner, but come on, guys, don't you think Tom deserved something better than Latin Jazz? If he didn't have such a great sense of humor, I'm afraid he would be very upset! "Jobim: Antonio Brasileiro,"Globo Columbia CD 419.058, imported. With family members and friends Sting, Dorival Caymmi and Ron Carter.

"The Legendary João Gilberto, the original bossa nova recordings (1958-1961)" on World Pacific. It doesn't get much better than this!

"Bossa4Two" volumes 1 and 2...unforgettable duets by Elis e Tom, Tom and Chico Buarque, and on and on...courtesy of Universal Music Latino...who seems to have cornered the market for great Brazilian music compilations! Not to mention the best taste in covers...

Leila Pinheiro, "Isso É Bossa Nova," EMI 830979 2, imported. A beautiful tribute to bossa nova and João Gilberto (see if the cover design reminds you of, well, it's in honor of João Gilberto's first album cover). This is my favorite Leila Pinheiro CD (well, her all-Guinga album, "Catavento e Girassol" is up there too!), so I asked her to autograph it for me.

"Bossa4Two, new duets for great moments" (like the kiss on the cover, I suppose), from the days when it was all beginning - Silvinha Telles & Lúcio Alves - to the contemporary and rather unexpected duo of Zeca Baleiro and Zeca Pagodinho!

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