Gafieira Music

As I said on the forró page, if you like to dance you have to try a gafieira in Rio or a good forró in Fortaleza or wherever...Gafieira originally meant dance, but became the name for dance halls in Rio also. If you want to learn to dance to the sound of choros and sambas, well, here we are. These guys are la crème de la crème! All CDs donated to our site automatically go to the Sheila Thomson Collection of Brazilian Culture at Florida International University in Miami.

sogafieira.jpg (7672 bytes) Só Gafieira: Zé da Velha & Silvério Pontes, Kuarup Discos, MKCD-073. These guys are a terrific duo of musicians. Try to catch them live around Rio sometime!
mpereira.jpg (8659 bytes) Gafieirando: Mário Pereira, Kuarup Discos, KCD-115. One of the great can't go wrong with him either!

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