Brazilian Music: Collections & Compilations

This is just a small selection to wet your appetite. All CDs donated to our site automatically become part of the Sheila Thomson Collection of Brazilian Culture at Florida International University in Miami.

From Universal Music Latino comes this compilation of great women sambistas, from Dona Ivone de Lara and Clementina de Jesus to lesser known (but equally phenomenal) Jovelina Pérola Negra and Leci Brandão.
Acoustic Brazil. This collection of Brazilian songs by Putumayo features iconic figures like Chico Buarque and Caetano alongside a few of our favorite "deusas," (to stick with sacred metaphors) meaning Rita Ribeiro, Teresa Cristina, and classy, classy Mônica Salmaso. Bow, then run and get your copy...
Brazilian Groove. Old classics and new hits by a younger generation to get you grooving to Brazilian sounds...this CD is from to get your copy...ah, and put on your dance shoes! 
Le Choro Contemporain. Frémeaux & Associés. Another brilliant choro compilation by the French label Frémeaux...This time around they dug up all sorts of good stuff from  Kuarup Discos in Rio.
1º comPasso Samba & Choro. Biscoito Fino BF502. First of a series of CDs recorded live at Paço Imperial museum in downtown Rio (man, what a setting for this kind of music!) Features Quarteto Maogani, Rabo de Lagartixa, the great Elton Medeiros, Cristina Buarque & Henrique Cazes, etc.

2º comPasso Samba & Choro. Biscoito Fino BF503. Second in the series, featuring Guinga, Luciana Rabello, Miucha, etc. To see photos of this gorgeous museum, go to our Rio's Downtown Museums page.

Check their site for recent releases on these wonderful series.

Samba 1917-1947. Frémeaux & Associés FA 159. Batuque, partido alto and samba-canção. Most of the really, really big names are here: Araci de Almeida, Orlando Silva, Almirante, Cyro Monteiro, Mario Reis, even Noel Rosa (singing "Com que Roupa").

Choro 1906-1947. Frémeaux & Associés FA 166. Music critic Ellen Collison recommended these two French compilations and I'm forever in her debt for it. The box set contains two CDs - 36 tracks in total -, copious notes (in French) and historic photos. The man responsible for this feat is a Brazilian music aficionado from Paris. I don't know how he pulled this off, but merci beaucoup, M. Lesage!!
Brésil Choro-Samba-Frevo 1914-1945. Frémeaux & Associés FA 077. Again, two CDs, fabulous book with 26 photos. Luperce Miranda, Pixinguinha and Os Oito Batutas, Silvio Caldas, Araci de Almeida, Sinhô, even Noel Rosa singing Conversa de Botequim!

Samba Brasil, Verve Polygram CD 314 515 761 2, a compilation of great sambas.
Nordeste Brasil,
Verve Polygram CD 845 327 2, a compilation of forró, baião and other styles from northeastern Brazil.
Afro Brasil,
Verve Polygram CD 845 326 2, a compilation of Afro-Brazilian songs and rhythms.
Brazil Classics 1: Beleza Tropical, compiled by David Byrne,
Fly/Sire CD 9 25805-2
Brazil Classics 2: O Samba, compiled by David Byrne,
Luaka bop/Sire CD 9 26019-2
Brazil Classics 3: Forró, etc., compiled by David Byrne,
Luaka bop/Warner CD 9 26323-2
Brazil Samba Roots,
Rounder Records CD 5045
Brazil: Forró, Music for Maids and Taxi Drivers,
Rounder Records CD 5044
Visom Brazil - A Windham Hill Sampler,
CD 01934 11128-2. Super sampler of contemporary instrumental music in Brazil.

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