Music from the Pampas

No, this is not Argentinian music. In the southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul those vast expanses are called pampas! It's amazing how "different" from Brazilian music it all sounds. The entire culture there seems to have much more to do with the neighboring countries than with the rest of Brazil...honest! This is just a tiny sample...but will give you an idea of what I mean. All CDs donated to our site automatically become part of the Sheila Thomson Collection of Brazilian Culture at Florida International University in Miami. If you're interested in this part of Brazil, don't miss our Charqueadas and Pelotas page.

ramil.jpg (4728 bytes) Vitor Ramil, Ramilonga, Kuarup Discos SA 110. I just saw Vitor in an intimate acoustic show in Rio. What is it with these gaúchos, that they can sing so well and be so charming? And, of course, who doesn't love a milonga?? It took me back years; man, all that space and loneliness makes for melancholy music!
Renato Borghetti. RCA 342.6163. Renato is a very talented player of the gaita ponto, a version of the button accordion from the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul. I saw him in concert in Porto Alegre with the Chamber Orchestra of the São Pedro Theater. He cuts such a dashing figure in his white gaúcho clothes and hat and is clearly extremely popular with his fans. After the show, Renato was kind enough to explain the instrument to me, and even played it a bit so I could see how it worked. I was also introduced to his family, all very simpáticos. Thank you again, Renato!
Borghetti. Chantecler 2-07-800-013. This is how I discovered Renato several years ago, and I think track 1, Barra do Ribeiro, remains one of my favorites. If all you know of Brazilian music comes from Rio or the Northeast, experience some of the rhythms and musical styles of southern Brazil for a change. It is closer to the music of Argentina and other countries of Spanish America.

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