If you like to dance, there are two things you need to do when you go to Brazil besides learning samba steps: one is to go to a gafieira in Rio and the other is to go to a forró in Fortaleza, Rio, or wherever. And I mean it! The music makes me think of Louisiana and zydeco music, the dances are as animated; you'll see couples dancing, women dancing with women, children, young people, old people...everyone has fun. All Cds donated to our site automatically become part of the Sheila Thomson Collection of Brazilian Culture at Florida International University in Miami. That's the main reason why we keep these pages on the site, since we don't update them as often as we used to.

Most of these CDs were released on independent labels that are no longer around, but the music may be available online.

"Sivuca: Pau Doido" Master sanfoneiro Sivuca plus a trio of superb musicians makes for a quartet that's tighter than my blue jeans after a feijoada. These guys let it rip and groove like there's no tomorrow. Don't miss it!

We've been mourning his passing for a while now...Too sad!

"Sina de Cantador" by Maciel Melo. This is really very beautiful music. If you don't feel like dancing, just relax and listen to it...I do it all the time!

brazilforro.jpg (9171 bytes)"Brazil: Forró, Music for Maids and Taxi Drivers" Rounder CD 5044. This came out years ago, but if you can find it, buy it. It's excellent and has great liner notes by Gerald Seligman.

soforro.jpg (8925 bytes)"Só Forró" A compilation of some of the best forró music, this CD includes one of my favorite songs, the hilarious "Nóis é jeca mais é jóia." Now, how am I going to explain this title? 

"Só Forró II" Second compilation of the best forró music on this label.  One track alone is worth the fifteen bucks: Juraildes da Cruz singing his Sharp award winner "Nois É Jeca Mais É Jóia." 

"A Festa do Forró" by Petrúcio Amorim. Independent production. All songs here are his own; Amorim is one of the best forrozeiros ever. It's also forró with a social conscience; actually, there's a lot of that in this kind of music, these artists are very sensitive to the social and economic conditions of the Northeast and are not afraid to sing about them!

"Forró, etc. Music of the Brazilian northeast" Luaka Bop (oh yes, it's David Byrne again, but it's good stuff, so...)

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