Rio's Botanical Garden

It's 200 years old already!

Take a stroll around one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Rio, the Botanical Garden, and have breakfast at La Byciclette. I think you'll love it! A great experience is a tour of the new Sensory Garden for the Blind. If you can see, they will blindfold you and take you around to touch and smell the different plants. Also, don't miss the new Cactus Garden, right next to the Visitor Center and Shop, and the Bromeliarium, a short walk from the Orchidarium. Our favorite walk is the Mata Atlântica trail, because you can see a lot of monkeys eating jackfruit!

In the vicinity of the Botanical Garden (Rua Pacheco Leão, etc.) sniff the air and follow your nose to restaurante Couve-Flor, Bar Paxeco (pick a moonlit evening...), and assorted bakeries and buffets. All very yummy!

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