Brazilian Basketry

Brazilian Indian Baskets from the AmazonA legacy of Brazil's native inhabitants (who still make some of the most gorgeous baskets in the country, see left and last photo below), basketry is very much practiced all over; palm fronds and grasses are woven, crocheted, dyed, made into wonderful rugs, placemats, baskets, tablecloths, sandals, you name it! Here are some examples from the states of Ceará, Maranhão, Tocantins (the "golden grass" pieces above), and Piauí (the rug).



Banner at Fortaleza Crafts Market cesta.jpg (119623 bytes) Basket at Fortaleza Crafts Market Buriti Palm Objects in Fortaleza
Basket at Fortaleza Market Crafts Market Sao Luis do Maranhao Buriti Handbags at Sao Luis Crafts Market Buriti Rug from Piaui

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