A Selection of Music and Popular Crafts

Here are some of our favorite arts and crafts, dances, artists, and festivals from Brazil. This is like a drop in the ocean; Brazil is so vast and the music, rhythms, and popular feasts so varied that it is impossible to list them all. Plus, these days you can see almost anything or anybody on YouTube, so I don't need to work so hard anymore. When I started the site back in 1995 there was nothing about Brazilian popular culture online, but now...these pages will serve as an introduction to wet your feet, before you dive in. Enjoy! To read about Brazilian folklore (in Portuguese), the best place is the Dicionário do Folclore Brasileiro. If you'd like to purchase Brazilian crafts, we mention a selection of markets and stores on almost every page in Favorite Places. For Rio de Janeiro, there are numerous places listed on Little Black Book. One really special place to listen to Brazilian music online is Ellen Collison's Spinning In Air, the best all-around (also meaning from all over!!) music blog I've ever visited.

Dances & Dramatic Dances

Dança do Maçarico


Roots of Brazilian Music - Part I
Roots of Brazilian Music - Part II
Roots of Brazilian Music - Part III  

Music Reviews and Interviews

Must-Have CDs  
Must-Have DVDs

Popular Arts & Crafts

Brazilian Pottery
Carrancas do Rio São Francisco
Weavings, Rugs and Fuxico

Popular Festivals & Beliefs

Festa do Divino
Myths and Fantastic Creatures

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