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carimbodrum.jpg (76931 bytes)The carimbó is a large drum of African origin. It is made of a hollow tree-trunk section - about 1 meter tall and 30 cm wide - covered on one end by a deer skin. The carimbó gives its name to a folkloric dance of the state of Pará in the Brazilian Amazon, in the area of the Marajó Island and the capital city of Belém. It is a circle dance accompanied by heavy percussion and occasionally by string instruments. At a certain moment in the dance, the woman throws a handkerchief on the floor and her partner has to pick it up using only his mouth! It's beautiful, captivating and fun!

If you can read Portuguese, the site called is a good place to read all about and listen to the different rhythms from the state of Pará, such as guitarrada, carimbó, lambada, tecnobrega, etc. You can also watch videos of bands and dance classes.

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