Brazilian Pottery

cavalhadafigures.jpg (74494 bytes)The best known pottery in Brazil comes from different areas: the Amazon region, Ceará, Pernambuco and Bahia in northeastern Brazil, and Minas Gerais and São Paulo in the South. Each has different characteristics, according to the type or color of the clay utilized and the designs and decorations, which vary greatly from place to place. They are usually made by hand, even though the wheel may be used for large vessels. In Pernambuco, northeastern Brazil, artisans reproduce regional scenes and characters in a reddish clay that is often painted with bright colors. Ceará is famous for its very large pots. In the interior of Goiás, the Cavalhadas figurines are you can see on this photo.

The potters of the city of Taubaté in the valley of the Paraíba River, São Paulo, are known for their elaborate Nativity scenes, religious images, peacocks, and the depiction of people going about their daily chores.

In the famous valley of the Jequitinhonha River in northern Minas Gerais, the clay is white or yellowish and the figures are often in the shape of trees, animals or people, like the lovely ladies at the top of this page. One of them is actually a water container. These pieces have become very expensive and fashionable, but if you travel all the way to Diamantina and visit the potters in the area, you will get better prices, according to a friend of mine who did just that!

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