Įgua de coco
(Coconut Water)

Loaded with all sorts of minerals (extremely high potassium content) and - contrary to what you may expect - very low in fat, coconut water is a favorite drink of Brazilians all over. It's also a multi-million dollar business, with extensive areas devoted to coconut plantations to supply thirsty beachgoers and fitness buffs (you drink it in health clubs everywhere).

In Brazil it's sold in large (or small) drink cartons at the supermarket and in bottles at restaurants everywhere; you can also buy a glass or a bottle from street vendors, who open the coconut and pour the water for you. In the U.S., Brazilian coconut water is now available in small drinking boxes and liter cartons. I keep a few of them (or a couple of liters) in my fridge...and so should you!

And to think that the coconut palm is not even a native of Brazil!!

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