Totally Yummy Brazilian Recipes!

Welcome to one of the best-kept secrets in the world: fabulous Brazilian cuisine...All our recipes have been put to the test here in the U.S. Many were also the subject of stories published in the Food Section of The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and other American papers. The Hearts of Palm Salad and the Onion Salad recipes were published in Steven Raichlen's "High-Flavor, Low-Fat Cooking." A couple of recipes were given to us by the Brazilian Embassy chef in Washington, D.C. and others came from our readers and renowned chef Yara Roberts from Paraty.

Lonely Planet has been recommending Maria's Cookbook for years on their travel guides! Our feijoada recipe has been featured in National Geographic Traveler this glory or what?? Both the feijoada and the caipirinha recipe were also on the 2005 Peace Corps online calendar!

CyberSoup and Other Recipes from the WWW

We've separated the beverages into alcoholic and non-alcoholic, so it's very clear to everyone that a Brazilian "batida," for example, requires cachaça!

If the dessert section keeps getting bigger and bigger...well, it's because there are more of them in Brazil! Fruits, eggs, and sugar have long been combined into some of the most marvelous confections on Earth. Anyone interested in the ethnography, sociology, etc, of Brazilian desserts, should read a book called "Açúcar" (Sugar) by Gilberto Freyre.

See also Brazilian Eating Habits and To Market, to Market: Food Shopping, Etc. Brazilian Style) for more on Brazilian foods (lots and lots of pictures!). You may also wish to visit the London-based blog Cuca Brazuca for some videos. We have a few cookbook recommendations, too.

Attention - Fish lovers...if you're wondering what fish to use for Brazilian recipes...garoupa is grouper, vermelho is red snapper, linguado is flounder, and cavala is mackerel. Now you can go make your peixe recheado com farofa and moquecas!

As far as the most common cooking herbs: thyme is tomilho, rosemary is alecrim, sage is sálvia, tarragon is estragão, and oregano is, well, orégano...

If you have a recipe from Brazil (in Portuguese) and you're in the U.S. wondering how to measure liquids or sugar and flour, here is some useful information: a Brazilian "xícara de chá" is 110 g of corn starch, 180 g of sugar, 210 g of milk, and 192 g of oil. A Brazilian "copo" means 200 g of any of the above.

Tip - Try flambéing bananas or meat with cachaça instead of rum or cognac!


A Festive Menu

Ceia de Natal (Brazilian Christmas Turkey Feast)  

A Festive Menu Too

Feijoada (Brazilian Black Beans)
Arroz à brasileira (Brazilian Style Rice)
Couve à mineira (Brazilian Style Collard Greens)
Farofa (Toasted Manioc Meal)
Molho apimentado (Hot Sauce)

Bahian Dishes

Yara Roberts' Bobó de Camarão
Moqueca de Palmito

Ah, so delicious...

Arroz de Carreteiro
Botequim Food
Quibe, esfiha and comida árabe-brasileira
Brazilian Strogonoff
Churrasco (Brazilian Barbecue)
Panquecas (Brazilian Dinner Crêpes)
Picadinho de milho (Brazilian Chopped Beef with Corn)
Torta de Frango

Other Great Stuff

Baked Red Snapper
Bolinhos de bacalhau
Bolinhos de batata
Brazilian Hot Dogs
Brazilian Veggies: Jiló and Maxixe
Camarão ao Catupiry (Shrimp with Catupiry Cheese)
Empadinhas (Brazilian Shrimp Pies)
Empadinhas de queijo (Cheese-filled Pastries)
Cuscuz Paulista
Cuscuz Paulista with Shrimp and Sardines
Yara Roberts' Feijão Tropeiro
Mandioca frita (Fried Manioc)
Salada de tomate e palmito (Tomato and Heart of Palm Salad)
Salada de cebola (Onion Salad)
Salada de chuchu (Chayote Salad)
Tira-gostos (Brazilian Appetizers)



Corn Starch and Coconut Cookies (Sequilhos de coco)
Corn Starch Cookies (Biscoitos de Maizena)


Ambrosia de Laranja
Apricot Meringue  
Banana Frita com Canela e Açúcar (Fried Banana with Cinnamon Sugar)
Brazilian Corn Desserts
Brazilian Docinhos: Brigadeiros
Brazilian Docinhos: Doces de nozes (Walnut Candy)
Brazilian Docinhos: Doces de castanha do Pará
Brazilian Docinhos: Olhos de sogra (Mother-in-law's Eyes)
Coconut Kisses
Oven Cocada
Creme de abacate (Avocado Cream)
Creme de papaya (Papaya Cream)
Doce de banana (Bananas in Syrup)
Doce de castanha do Pará (Brazil Nut Salami)
Doce de leite (Milk Caramel)
Doce de leite (Milk Dessert)
Easy Mousse de Maracujá
Papos de anjo (Angel's Chins)
Passion Fruit Mousse
Pavê from Bahia
Pudim de claras
Pudim de leite (Brazilian Style Flan in Caramel Sauce)
Pudim de laranja (Brazilian Style Orange Flan in Caramel Sauce)
Quadrados de leite (Sweet Milk Squares)
Queijo com Goiabada
Yara Roberts' Quindão de Yayá
Quindins de Iaiá
Sagu de vinho tinto (Red Wine Tapioca Pudding)
Torta de banana (Brazilian Style Banana Pie)
Torta de limão (Lime Juice and Condensed Milk Dessert)

Other Tropical Delights

Sherbets & Ice Cream



Caldo de Cana (Sugar Cane Juice)
Coconut Water
Mate gelado
More Tropical Delights: Fruit Juices


Caipirinha de Tangerina

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