Quibes, Esfihas e Comida Árabe-Brasileira
(Brazilian-Middle Eastern Food)

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Quibe is a beef/wheat germ croquette and esfiha is a baked turnover filled with beef or spinach and ricotta cheese, etc. There are millions of people in Brazil from the Middle East, mostly Lebanese, Palestinians, and Syrians. In Rio and São Paulo, for instance, "Arab" fast food places are extremely popular; Arab is also the name of our favorite "kiosk" at the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in Rio...where we recently enjoyed tiny quibes and felafels with a very cold beer during a carnaval party...what can I say? It's Brazil for you! There are also "Arab" restaurants that have adopted the Brazilian buffet-style by the kilo method of serving lunch. 

Whenever we find a good recipe...it'll be posted here.

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