Sagu de Vinho
(Red Wine Tapioca Pudding)

I don't know if Americans can even begin to imagine this...but, yes, it's a very popular and yummy dessert. I used to love it when I was a kid because I could get positively tipsy just by having dessert...If you have any problems with that, make it with grape JUICE instead. It will be equally delicious. I just took a picture of a bowl of sagu de vinho in Monte Belo do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul. The family who served me this superb concoction told me that the best wine to make it is a Bordeaux. There you have it, I've shared the secret! Oh, they also add a few cloves and a bit of cinnamon to their sagu, as it cooks. To-die-for!

1 cup small tapioca

1 cup water to soak the tapioca

3 cups red grape juice OR

2 cups red wine mixed with 1 cup water

sugar to taste

Soak tapioca for about 1/2 hour. Add grape juice to tapioca (or the wine mixed with water and sugar to taste). Bring to boil over low heat stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Then let cook for about 1/2 hour (until tapioca is clear), stirring occasionally so it doesn't burn. Refrigerate. To serve, spoon into a small bowl and pour creme de leite (double the recipe from the passion fruit mousse recipe) over it.

Fresh Tapioca in the AmazonIf you want to know more about tapioca (even the word comes from Brazil), go to our page about mandioca or manioc. This is a bag of fresh tapioca we photographed in the Amazon. Not quite the perfect little balls that come in a box, right?


Try serving wine sagu atop cheese cake!

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