Sherbets and Ice Cream

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"Seu" Morais has been selling some of the best ices and popsicles in Ipanema and Leblon for over 30 years

One of the most enjoyable experiences in Brazil is tasting the unbelievable variety of sherbets, popsicles, and ice creams made with tropical fruits, such as cashews, soursop, jabuticaba, passion fruit, mangaba, umbu, cupuaçu, bacuri, tucumã, taperebá, fruta do conde, amora, lychee, and - my favorite!!! - pitanga (pictured below on the right). And, of course, coconut, avocado, peanuts, and corn (yes, corn is a major ingredient in many grrrreat Brazilian desserts). This is a very short list...Remember that flavors may be seasonal, too.

There are sorveterias in Belém do Pará, Rio, etc., with over a hundred different flavors. One of my favorites is Brazil nut! It truly is a delicious ice cream.

There are places in Brazil where you can buy ice cream by the kilo...just pile up a bowl with whatever you want and they'll weigh it for you at the end.  We tried one in Fortaleza, Ceará that offered everything from sapoti (pictured here) to soursop (second photo above) to tangerine to coconut to passion fruit, etc. etc.

In Rio, besides Morais (in the weekends he's on the beach; during the week you'll find him in Leblon, planted in front of Cantão, the famous clothing store) check out the unbelievable flavors of Itália, Sorvete Brasil, and Mil Frutas. See our Little Black Book for addresses.

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