Jilů and Maxixe

Both jilů and maxixe (see above) can be cooked the way you would prepare a zucchini. A lot of people will find jilů way too bitter for their taste buds..."amarga que nem jilů" (as bitter as jilů) is a common expression used to signify that life isn't very palatable, at least at the moment...I know of one person who can make it quite edible: dona Gertrudes, owner of the popular Bar RebouÁas in the Jardim Bot‚nico section of Rio. Read about them on our Little Black Book.

maxixada.jpg (67731 bytes)Maxixada, or maxixe stewed in a tomato, onion, etc., sauce, is quite popular in Recife. We photographed a maxixada at a restaurant called Chica Pitanga located on Boa Viagem Beach. Elsewhere, you'll have to look for restaurants that specialize in northeastern food.

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