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Arara interviewed Dr. Niède Guidon, the Brazilian archaeologist who heads the Parque Nacional da Serra da Capivara.

We talked to music critic Sérgio Cabral in Rio again. What a treat!

An interview with Priscilla Ann Goslin, author of How to Be a Carioca...We had lunch with Priscilla in a few botequins in Leblon; take a look at her pic...couldn't look more carioca...

The arara (macaw) got its name from the Tupi language of Brazil. The word a'rara mimics the sounds these large, colorful birds make. We have chosen the arara as our Brazilian correspondent because to us the bird is symbolic of the country. And then, of course, she turned out to be a real prima donna and HAD to have her own Home Page...She decided that she needed her own blog and has been pecking at her laptop keyboard from the general vicinity of Corcovado Mountain in Rio.

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