Favorite Places and Things To Do

These are some of our favorite places in Brazil. You can read our stories and browse through our photo galleries, enjoy the scenery and fine examples of Brazilian colonial architecture (as seen here), crafts, and funky designs like the public telephones in Salvador and other cities.

Most of these pages offer suggestions on where to shop and eat, but since things change all the time, that's exactly what they are...For tips on making the most of your stay in Rio de Janeiro, please visit our Little Black Book. If you decide that it's time for some rest and relaxation or that long-awaited adventure, and would like to explore any of the destinations below, Férias Brasil has a guide to hotels and inns ranging from the charming and romantic to the highly sophisticated (Portuguese only).

The answer to "Where Are You?" is the Chácara do Céu (house, garden, and museum) in the Santa Teresa district of Rio de Janeiro.

Amazon (Manaus and Anavilhanas Islands)



Charqueadas and Pelotas (Rio Grande do Sul)

Fernando de Noronha


Itaimbezinho (Rio Grande do Sul)

Jalapão (Tocantins)

João Pessoa

Lençóis Maranhenses (Maranhão)



Penedo (Alagoas)


Rio de Janeiro


São Paulo

São Luis (Maranhão)

Serra da Capivara (Piauí)

Vale dos Vinhedos and Caminhos de Pedra (Rio Grande do Sul)

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