A few that have to do with Brazil...

It's becoming ever more difficult to list everything we like out there, so this is really "A few..." We've placed links to great Brazilian sites throughout Maria-Brazil, too.

Alma Carioca. Here almost anything (gorgeous photos, videos, old advertisements) is an excuse to praise Rio de Janeiro, marvelous city that it still is, in spite of all. In Portuguese.

Agenda do Samba e Choro. Whatever is going on in the music scene around Brazil...check it out in Portuguese with these guys. Terrific!

Brazilian Embassy, Washington, D.C. Important links and all you need to know about visas, etc.

Brazilink. A portal with links to all kinds of sites about Brazil.

Brol.com. The best place online to arrange for your travel and stay in Brazil just keeps getting better...

David Whitman. Original photography and writing with a focus on Brazil, including a beautiful essay called "Yellow is the Color of My Brazil" ("...glorious, exuberant, pulsating yellow announces Brazil to the world.") Check it out!

Doce Mistura. A blog of Brazilian docinhos...the yummiest and prettiest creations in the world!

Fotos HZ4. A group of photographers in Rio offers beautiful free images of Brazil in exchange for a link in a reputable site or blog.

Globo Television Network. Your favorite "novelas," news, and everything else.

Gringoes.com.  In Brazil the word doesn't have the awful connotations it has in the rest of Latin America...this site is done by an Irishman who lives in Brazil. It has all sorts of useful info for foreigners who find themselves in the same situation.

Iko Poran. A Brazilian-based international volunteer organization...if you're interested in volunteering in community projects while visiting Rio de Janeiro, you may wish to get in touch with them.

InfoBrazil. Brazilian current affairs, analysis and opinion; in English.

Ipanema. (all about that neighborhood of Rio and much more. Very cool! Don't miss it if you're going...and it's a lot of fun even if you're not!) This one gets a big smack and a hug.

Lonely Planet Guide to Brazil. These guys think WE are quirky...but together we make a good team, I think...definitely check them out before you go.

Maria Oiticica Biojóias. One of the great sites for design and color and beauty...your eyes will thank you after a visit, believe me! Mine do, everything single time!!

Museu Villa-Lobos. The great Brazilian composer now has his own museum and the museum has a Web site...great place to start. Then you can go to Rio and take a real tour.

Po de Acar or Sugarloaf Mountain. One of my favorite, favorite places in Rio...as seen from Botafogo bay, or the walk around Urca...or from Forte de Copacabana...or anywhere, really!

O Globo.com...(one of Rio's major newspapers, the cybercure for "saudade do Brasil"). We read everyday and our blood pressure goes up most mornings...we're so furious with the state of affairs in Rio!

On the Road Travel. The ladies over at On the Road Travel seem to be independent, informed, and experienced travelers with a love of adventure. Well, so are we. Check out their Brazil recommendations.

Radar55.com. If you read Portuguese, this is the hippest site to keep track of Brazilian fashion, art and culture, design, food, travel & leisure, etc. And where does the cute name come from? Well, 55 is the country code for Brazil. You can guess the rest.

Rádio MPB-FM. Our favorite radio station in Rio...we listen to it everyday. It reminds me of my childhood, of the hours I spent glued to my short-wave radio...only the internet is so much better!!

SpinninginAir. Ellen Collison writes with a ton of talent, empathy, and good taste about the music of many countries around the world, but her "secret" love, we suspect, is Brazil. Whether your tastes lean toward MPB or Brazilian violeiros, la crème of Brazilian music is what Ellen's blog is all about.

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