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Maria-Brazil was the first Web site dedicated to Brazilian popular culture developed in the United States (in July of 1995, believe it or not). It was named in honor of Brazilian women everywhere. It is a work-in-progress and we will be adding new features and images regularly. We have recently added a blog, featuring our Brazilian correspondent Arara...check it out!

Thank you Brazil, for the music, the feijoada, and the wicked sense of humor!

Very special thanks to Kip, our information guru, who contributed the technical knowledge and made it seem possible and worthwhile. Muito obrigada!

A special thanks to my wonderful daughter for letting me borrow her name, Maria, and for being who she is. 

These pages are dedicated with much love and gratitude to my Brazilian friends, who over the years have embraced me and taken me into their homes as one of their own.

Our motto: Aqui trabalha a Mulher Maravilha! (Wonder Woman Works Here!)

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs are copyright by Sheila Thomson. Questions or comments? You can e-mail us at editor@maria-brazil.org.

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